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The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum features exhibits that focus on South Carolina's military history.  Experience the museum's mission by exploring the museum’s three galleries when you visit.

While touring the Main Gallery, trace the state's martial tradition through every American conflict from the Revolutionary War to the present.

The Cistern Gallery, located in what was the cistern for the mill building, houses large-scale exhibits that are on display for 1-2 years.

Small specialized exhibits are on display for a limited time in the Malvina Gist Gallery, located inside the Main Gallery.  

Click the links below to see what special exhibits are on view or coming soon.

Malvina Gist Gallery

The 360th Civil Affairs Brigade Thurmond's Bridge 1950-2017 Poster
The 360th Civil Affairs Brigade Thurmond's Bridge 1950-2017 Poster

The 360th Civil Affairs Brigade "Thurmond's Brigade" 1950-2017

November 17, 2017 - September 3, 2018

Civil Affairs forces in the US military act as intermediaries between civilians in war zones and military forces.  They are essential to any military operation, to maximize civil support and prevent interference.   Civil-Military Operations are conducted in conjunction with combat operations and are a central part of a military campaign to restore infrastructure, to restore civil order, and to aid the civilian population in war-torn areas.

Civil-Military Operations have been integral to US military campaigns since the Revolutionary War.  Civil Affairs soldiers are the perfect example of the American citizen-soldier.  Most Civil Affairs soldiers come from the United States Army Reserve since many of the critical skills needed to manage and restore the civil governmental areas impacted by military operations are located in the Military Reserve.

These skills include legal, finance, city management, public health, public works, teaching, and law enforcement.  While Civil Affairs Reserve soldiers make up about 5% of the Army’s reserve forces, they have accounted for 23% of the Reserve force combat fatalities in the recent Global War on Terror.

The 360th Civil Affairs Brigade has been a key element of the United States Army Reserve Force for almost 65 years.  Formed in Columbia, South Carolina on 13 November 1950 as the 360th Military Government Area Headquarters, the unit was organized by Senator Strom Thurmond who also served as the unit’s first commander from 1950 - 1954.  Thurmond’s continuing involvement with the 360th Civil Affairs Brigade earned it the nickname, “Thurmond’s Brigade.”

Since its activation, the 360th has undergone several redesignations and reorganizations. It received its current designation of 360th Civil Affairs Brigade in 1973.  The 360th Civil Affairs Brigade has been a part of many major campaigns and relief projects involving the U.S. Armed Forces, including the Invasion of Grenada in 1983, the Invasion of Panama in 1989, Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990, Hurricane Andrew relief in 1992, Somalia, 1992-1993, Haiti in 1994, Bosnia in 1996, in the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.